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"How can a positive mindset help you create a more crafted life? How to have a healthy mindset."

Updated: Jun 5

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Crafting your body

"The concept of living a crafted life is straightforward. Merely permitting ourselves to shift our mindset is significant." Occasionally, what seems simple may be one of the most challenging endeavours we undertake. So, what does it mean to live a crafted life? How to have a healthy mindset!

Now, let's examine the meaning of the word 'crafted'.

crafted definition

Every craft follows a process.

What do I desire?

How should it appear?

Which materials are required?

What tools will I need?

For instance:

I want to become healthier.

I aspire to be full of energy.

The only material needed is myself.

The necessary tools are a healthy diet plan, regular exercise, and a strong support system.

Mindset is the most powerful tool. Viewing the journey to better health merely as a goal can lead to frustration when results don't come quickly. However, mastering the skills of planning and executing, moves me one step closer to my desires.

By planning, I act with intention.

By executing, I bring plans to fruition.

The method of execution is not as important. There are numerous ways to accomplish tasks. Embracing our individual approach is what distinguishes us. It Makes us unique!

Achieving health doesn't necessarily mean starving oneself or going to the gym daily. It could also mean a shift in mindset.

Enjoying cooking can be a fantastic opportunity to explore and experiment with new healthy recipes.

It could also be a chance to try new activities like using resistance bands.

Additionally, it might be the perfect occasion to invite family members for a walk, making it a shared experience.

No matter the task, it's always crucial to be intentional.

Craft your life, or let life push you and be made for you...

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